Ellie is the creator of the group chat and peacemaker. She is also known as one of the nicest and coolest people ever. A lot of drama has happened involving her but she's always kept cool and sorted stuff out. Not only is she very alike Ellie from The Last Of Us (personality-wise), but she also sounds like her. She has an amazing singing voice, plus plays in her school orchestra. Besides being a musical talent, she likes to write stories and is great at it! In conclusion she's hella creative. Pretty sure she's 100% Ellie and just hiding it.

- Rachel Amber

Hmm well Ellie is a badass girl who fights clickers at school! And hangs out with us! And she's a real good Ellie cosplayers slayer of clickers and bloaters! 😎 but she is a real good friend to all of us and helps us with whatever's going on in life! She a good friend and cares for us all!! :3

☀She's funny and sweet and caring about others and hella smart and she's sarcastic a lot! She's the real Ellie!!! She loves games and movies a lot!!

- Riley Abel

She's a nice and kind person, one of the best people I have ever met also, she has a hella good voice.

- Chloe Price

DORKIEST DORK OF THEM ALL. She's that super mega rad leader that can voice act, do sports and YOU NAME IT.

- Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramirez

Ellie basically is the mom of the group(well she created it). She takes care of everyone and tries to help as much as she can. She's got a really nice voice and I'm sure she is a great person in real life too. Also very active and funny.And forgot to mention that she is the best at playing viola.

- Darla

Ellie is fucking amazing though sometimes going through some bs, she's a badass bitch. Though her most iconic line would be: (Something completely normal happens) OH MYYY GOOOD GUYS! GUESS WHAT JUST HAPPENED!" lol.

- Perri Price

So, Ellie...she was nearly the first perosn i met on the chat. She is one of the greatets and kindest person i know. She's a really good friend too, she helps alot, she is caring and shes a gread group admin. She's keeping everyone happy and always spreads love and happiness too the whole chat. I really love her as a friend, becaus ealways when i am in a bad mood she's there to help me.

- Taku